About The Creator & Why Riv's?

River believes everybody should have no shame in being the loudest, wildest, and most charismatic guy/girl in the room, at the party, or in the group.  He also believes everybody should be just as happy to be the opposite.  The bottom line is, you should just be you and you shouldn't be afraid to wear a style that represents who you are or what you want to become.  Fore example, River likes to be seen as an interesting, outgoing, fun, and charismatic individual so he usually wears something that represents those traits.  He does this by wearing clothing with wild designs and abstract patterns.  These designs are eye-catching and he knows wearing them draws people's interests .  The designs aren't necessarily a certain type, nor is the clothing a certain style, they just have to be different, unique, and very uncommon.  See, if you want to attract interest, you don't wear something you think somebody else will be wearing.  You know, once more than one person is wearing the same thing, it becomes boring and nobody is intrigued by it.  You wear things you know nobody else will have.  This makes you stand out, a person of interest, and ultimately a person people are attracted to. River knows this because he lives it and wants to provide this experience for others as well.  That is why the clothing Riv's produces is extremely limited.  There is only a certain amount of product produced with each design. This makes every shirt and select product extremely unique and even a rare item.  If you acquire a Riv's shirt, you know there is a very slim chance you will run into someone else wearing the same one.  If by chance you do, it will be a moment to celebrate and you might even make a new friend. 

Photo: River in his, fan favorite, wedding guest attire.